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Eyelash Perm   
Are you tired of your of your straight lashes making you look tired? Are you tired of curlers that don’t work?
Eyelash Perm uses a permanent wave solution designed specifically for the delicate eye area. The entire
procedure is very comfortable and relaxing. Your beautiful lashes will enhance your appearance without
using an eyelash curler. You will look awake and alert.
1 Hour Treatment  $100

                                 Before                                After

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Eyelash Keratin Treatment  
Do you have unmanageable curly eyelashes? Eyelash relaxer is a new technique which straightens
eyelashes, making then manageable. Lash Keratin Treatment hair solution is specifically designed for the
delicate eye area. Results last up to four weeks.
1 Hour Treatment  $100

Eyelash Tint  
Makes light colored, almost invisible lashes come to life with natural-looking eyelash tint. Available in dark
brown, blue or black. Eyelash tint is perfect for athletes, busy lifestyles or people allergic to makeup. A long
lasting vegetable dye is safely applied to the lashes or eyebrows. Results last up to four weeks.
30 Minutes Treatment  $30

                                    Before                                After

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Dream Eyelashes
Smart Beauty Solutions
All eyelash extensions treatments are performed by a certified eyelash stylist.
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